The October Horse by Colleen McCullough

The October Horse by Colleen McCullough: The October Horse by Colleen McCullough is the novel that deals with the love and romance that is related with the family. The relation between the family members has always been the topic of the different novels and stories. The delicate relations are sometimes thrashed by the members when they indulge in the lust of wealth or other material gains.The October Horse by Colleen McCullough touches upon the sensitive issues which are related to the marriages and the family issues in very convincing manner.

Marriage is the sacred institute where new lives are born and are made the part of the society. The more the powerful the institution is, the more stable and powerful would be the society and the human beings. Each and every member of the family is to play the role to run the system successfully and in the smooth way. The October Horse by Colleen McCullough is based on the same topic of the family affairs in a very interesting manners.

Colleen McCullough explores the story of a renowned love affair and a man whose sheer ability could only lead to one outcome: murder in her new novel about the men who were essential in constructing the Rome of the Emperors.Gaius Julius Caesar is at the pinnacle of his illustrious career when “The October Horse” begins. When he becomes involved in a civil war between Egypt’s King Ptolemy and Queen Cleopatra, he is divided between his feelings for a magnificent lady and his duty as a Roman.

The October Horse by Colleen McCullough

Though he must leave Cleopatra, she remains a force in his life as a lover and the mother of his sole son, who will never inherit Caesar’s Roman mantle and hence cannot solve his father’s most difficult problem: who will be Caesar’s Roman heir?

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Caesar, a hero to everyone of Rome save some among his colleagues who perceive his dictatorial powers as dangers to the democratic system they cherish, is adamant that he will not be revered as a god or proclaimed king, but his unique circumstance conspires to make it appear otherwise. Caesar’s opponents, sworn to bring him down, pose as friends and faithful followers while plotting his demise.

Among them are his cousin and Master of the Horse, Mark Antony, feral and avaricious, priapic and impulsive; Gaius Trebonius, the nobody who owes him everything; Gaius Cassius, eaten by jealousy; and the two Brutuses, Decimus, his cousin, and Marcus, the son of his mistress Servilia, sad victim of his mother and of his uncle Cato, whose daughter he marries. All are in debt to Caesar, have been promoted to prominent positions, and are horrified by Caesar’s tyranny.

If you’re looking for an authentic legal thriller with plenty of twists and turns, The October Horse by Colleen McCullough is for you.

They determine that Caesar must die because only after he is gone would Rome be able to revert to her old ways, her old republican self.Colleen McCullough, with her extraordinary knowledge of Roman history, brings Caesar to life like no one else has before, surrounding him with an enormous and vivid cast of historical characters, characters like Cleopatra who call to us from beyond the centuries, for McCullough’s genius is to make them live again without losing any of the grandeur that was Rome.

The October Horse by Colleen McCullough

Packed with wars on land and sea, intrigue, love relationships, and murders, the narrative rushes at breakneck pace into the assassination and then into the more intricate and hazardous implications of that act, in which the fate of Rome is at stake.”The October Horse” is about one of the world’s important eras, recounting events that have continued to reverberate until today.

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Colleen McCullough was born in Australia. A neuropathologist, she established the department of neurophysiology at the Royal North Shore Hospital in Sydney before working as a researcher and teacher at Yale Medical School for ten years. Her writing career began with the publication of Tim, followed by The Thorn Birds, a record-breaking international bestseller. She lives on Norfolk Island in the South Pacific with her husband, Ric Robinson.

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