The Last Detective by Robert Crais

The Last Detective by Robert Crais: The Last Detective by Robert Crais is all about the dark aspects of the modern world. Crimes are the dark and heinous part of the human life.The criminals have discovered and invented new methods and ways to commit the most heinous crimes.These criminals are dealt with different methods by the law abiding forces and other agencies. There are many agencies working in the different countries to tackle these criminals and to bring to them to the law and court.The Last Detective by Robert Crais is the interesting novel to read.

The word crime is hated most in the world but at the same time, people are bending to the crimes as it ensures the power and money in the shortest manner. The dreams of becoming powerful and wealthy overnight attracts the souls to wander in this field and do whatever they think it right to do.The Last Detective by Robert Crais is one of such novel that tells the horrible story of the crimes who has been raised to life with the help of law enforcement agencies.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series comes a thrilling novel featuring LAPD K-9 Officer Scott James and his German shepherd, Maggie.

Elvis Cole’s relationship with attorney Lucy Chenier is strained. When she moved from Louisiana to join Elvis in Los Angeles, she never dreamed that violence would so easily touch her life—but then the unthinkable happens.While Lucy is away on business and her ten-year-old son, Ben, is staying with Elvis, Ben disappears without a trace. Desperate to believe that the boy has run away, evidence soon mounts to suggest a much darker scenario.

The Last Detective by Robert Crais

Joining forces with his enigmatic partner, Joe Pike, Elvis frantically searches for Ben with the help of LAPD Detective Carol Starkey, as Lucy’s wealthy, oil-industry ex-husband attempts to wrest control of the investigation. Amid the maelstrom of personal conflicts, Elvis and Joe are forced to consider a more troubling lead—one indicating that Ben’s disappearance is connected to a terrible, long-held secret from Elvis Cole’s past.

Venturing deep inside a complex psyche, Crais explores Elvis’s need for family—the military that embraced him during a troubled adolescence, his rock-solid partnership with Pike, and his floundering relationship with Lucy—as they race the clock in their search for Ben. The Last Detective is Robert Crais’ richest, most intense tale of suspense yet.

The Last Detective by Robert Crais

Robert Crais’ ability to maintain a high degree of suspense without compromising realism or aiming for the grandiose is one of his most impressive qualities. He intersperses his fast-paced narration with tendon-popping, heart-in-your-throat moments that abruptly halt his action sequences and make you realize you’ve been holding your breath the entire time. Whether it’s the tragic death of homicide cop Samantha Dolan at the booby-trapped home of a serial killer in L.A. Requiem (1999), the pyrotechnic shoot-out at Domingo Garcia Duran’s house in the conclusion to The Monkey’s Raincoat (1987), or police chief Jeff Talley being outmaneuvered and facing certain death in Hostage (2001), Crais engages his readers on emotional, intellectual, and physical planes —

As a result, it’s no surprise that The Last Detective exceeds expectations. As we learn in this new novel, these are dark days for series private eye Elvis Cole, and the whirlpool that has engulfed his protagonist’s life allows Crais to peel back the layers from his wisecracking P.I., revealing a past and a troubled family history that readers have long wanted to know about. But they’re blistering layers, a legacy Elvis has avoided delving into.

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Elvis immediately seeks assistance from his buddy Lou Poitras, a murder lieutenant assigned to the Hollywood Station of the Los Angeles Police Department. Poitras responds by enlisting the help of two Juvenile Section detectives, Dave Gittamon and Carol Starkey, the latter of whom was the protagonist of Crais’ last best-selling novel, Demolition Angel (2000). Starkey has an edgy history, as seen by her glum demeanor and chain-smoking habit, yet her brusqueness with Elvis is quickly misinterpreted as sexual desire. Cole recalls reading about Starkey in the L.A. Times in a sort of fiction-turned-reality twist.

First, as a bomb squad officer who was killed when a device she was disarming detonated, only to be resurrected; later, as the detective who apprehended serial police killer “Mr. Red” (in Demolition Angel).
Starkey is now employed in the Juvenile Section, owing to her inability to produce children. The boy’s tracks abruptly halt when Starkey and Elvis examine the slope behind his house a day after Ben’s kidnapping. Elvis (using his Army Ranger talents) discovers a single heel print left in the earth by the abductor upon closer scrutiny. He realizes that whomever kidnapped Ben had a military experience comparable to his own, which makes him a very dangerous man.

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Crais expertly combines several perspectives once again in “The Last Detective .” We get to spend time with Elvis and his first-person point of view, but we also get to follow Scott and experience the world through Maggie’s eyes and nose once more. The fact that some of my favorite chapters in a crime novel are written from the perspective of a dog speaks much about Crais’ talent as a writer and his understanding of canines.

It doesn’t take Cole long to figure out that Tyson and his gang have been committing a series of high-end burglaries. In reality, Tyson has been involved in over a dozen robberies with two accomplices. They even got off with $8,000 worth of items from one house at one point, a fortuitous win that left them with more cash than they knew what to do with.However, the kids’ luck ran out when they mistakenly took the incorrect item from a violent man.

In his 21st book, Los Angeles ace Crais (The Promise, 2015, etc.) extends his streak of sharp, enjoyable thrillers.

But, as already stated, they are minor quibbles. The Last Detective is a tense, emotionally gratifying thriller that introduces us to one of crime fiction’s most intriguing pairings.
It is hoped Scott James and Maggie will work together again soon.

About the Writer:

Robert Crais was born in 1953 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was trained as a mechanical engineer before pursuing his dream of becoming a writer. In 1976 he went to Hollywood and began writing scripts for such television series as Miami Vice and Cagney and Lacey. He received an Emmy nomination for his work on Hill Street Blues. He is the author of the Elvis Cole series and the Joe Pike series. The Monkey’s Raincoat won the Anthony and Macavity Awards in 1988. In 2005, his novel Hostage was adapted into a movie starring Bruce Willis. He is the 2006 recipient of the Ross Macdonald Literary Award. His novel, The Promise, made the New York Times bestseller list in 2015.

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