The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton: The Distant Hours by Kate Morton is all about the crime and the role of the law enforcement agencies to control the crimes in the city. The nature of the crimes is different in different events and and the behavior of the criminals is not such as can be anticipated.These people are very skilled and well planner. They are nor caught and traced easily.Someone has to be very diligent and vigilant to cope with the criminals’ activities.The Distant Hours by Kate Morton is all about the adventure and suspense.

it is not easy job but the most difficult and uphill task.The novel deals with the crimes and the criminals that are there to disrupt the peace and calm of the society.The suspense and thrill is kept till the last line of the novel and the readers would never lose their interest and concentration until the last line is reached and the climax is resolved.The Distant Hours by Kate Morton is the display of power of writing.

The Distant hours by Kate Morton

Author of ” The Distant Hours ” enthralls readers with this chilling tale of long-buried secrets and fateful turns of events that can change people’s lives forever. It all begins with a letter that has been missing for half a century and is delivered to Edies mother on a Sunday afternoon.When a long-lost letter arrives in the mail, Edie Burchill is whisked away to Milderhurst Castle, a grand but decaying ancient mansion where the Blythe spinsters live and where her mother was billeted as a 13-year-old child during WWII. Juniper, the third and youngest sister, hasn’t been the same since her fiance jilted her in 1941, and the elder Blythe sisters have spent much of their life looking after her. Edie begins to piece together her mother’s past inside the crumbling castle.

But the stones of Milderhurst hide other secrets, and Edie is about to uncover more than she bargained for. Someone has been looking for the truth about what happened in “the distant hours” of the past for a long time. Morton captivates us once again with an intriguing novel filled with unforgettable characters tormented by love and circumstance and haunted by memory, reminding us of the deep power of storytelling. Meredith’s daughter is to die.

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

She is practically impossible not to like as a self-proclaimed woman who is good with words but not the spoken sort. Eddie sees her mother’s response when the long-lost letter is opened and realizes right away that she is being kept in the dark. Her search for the truth about her mother’s death will lead her to Milderhurt Castle, where three elder sisters are dealing with their own traumas and the walls speak of the past.This story begins at a moderate pace that gradually grows more frantic as it goes. It’s nearly impossible to put the book down by the time the secrets are revealed. Despite being enjoyable, this work did not live up to its predecessors.

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton

Some of the situations feel a bit too convenient while the resolution contains an overwhelming amount of detail. The outcome to this mystery, while not being entirely predictable, is certainly not as surprising as I had come to expect from Morton. In Morton’s latest novel, a letter leads to a castle in Kent that hides decades of dark secrets (The House at Riverton, 2008, etc.).

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When Edie, a young lady underemployed by a London small press, receives a long-delayed letter and bursts into tears, her typically tranquil mother Meredith is perplexed.The letter, it turns out, is from Juniper, one of the three Blythe sisters who live at Milderhurst Castle, where Meredith was evacuated as a kid to avoid the Blitz during WWII. The plot then jumps back and forth between the war years and the early 1990s.

Meredith, a quiet, bookish girl who is misunderstood by her working-class family, finds the evacuation to be an unexpected blessing. Thomas Cavill, her teacher, encourages her to do well in studies. She feels great affinity with Raymond Blythe’s three daughters, the acclaimed author of The True History of the Mud Man, a children’s classic.

Raymond, insane and hallucinating, has taken refuge in his tower room. Raymond has expressed an intention to disinherit his daughters, much to the anger of his eldest daughter Percy. Saffy, the second sister, devises a plan to flee the castle for London. When Lucy, Milderhurst’s sole remaining servant, leaves the family to marry their clock repairman—secret Percy’s crush?—Percy is frightened.

When Thomas arrives to check on Meredith, she is greeted by her baby sister Juniper. Juniper defies Percy by announcing her wedding preparations after a whirlwind London love affair. Saffy is overjoyed, and she makes Juniper a party dress and prepares an engagement dinner for her. Juniper and Thomas are scheduled to arrive from London on separate trains, but only Juniper arrives.Juniper will grow old like Dickens’ Miss Havisham, still wearing the rags of the dress she wore for the runaway fiancé.

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While Edie delves into Milderhurst’s many secrets, she also tries to figure out what snuffed out her mother’s dreams, which had been sparked so briefly 50 years previously. After a lengthy buildup, which doggedly connects all the characters, however peripheral, there’s a rewarding, bittersweet payoff in the author’s most gothic tale yet.

Morton’s Third work, influenced by Morton’s own family history, explores living with and overcoming loss – of trust, identity, or loved ones – while paying respect to Frances Hodgson Burnett, The Secret Garden, and the Gothic novel. In Morton’s hefty, at times ungainly second novel, a four-year-old girl abandoned on a ship sparks a century-long search for her ancestors (The House at Riverton, 2008). Hugh, the portmaster of Maryborough, Australia, discovers a youngster alone on a newly arrived English warship in 1913.

About the Writer:

KATE MORTON is an award-winning, New York Times bestselling author. Her six novels – The House at Riverton (The Shifting Fog), The Forgotten Garden, The Distant Hours, The Secret Keeper, The Lake House and The Clockmaker’s Daughter – are published in over 40 countries, in 34 languages, and have all been number one bestsellers around the world. Kate Morton was born in South Australia, grew up in the mountains of southeast Queensland and now lives with her family in London and Australia. She has degrees in dramatic art and English literature, and harbored dreams of joining the Royal Shakespeare Company until she realized that it was words she loved more than performing. Kate still feels a pang of longing each time she goes to the theater and the house lights dim.

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