HOW TO REPAIR DAMAGE NAILS: We all want perfectly manicured nails, but maintaining them while continually decorating them can be challenging. Knowing how to cure damaged nails, on the other hand, can help you keep your fingertips looking new varnish after varnish.HOW TO REPAIR DAMAGE NAILS is for the better look after of the nails. … Read more

Athlete’s Foot Home Treatment options

Athlete’s Foot Home Treatment options: Tinea pedis, often known as athlete’s foot, is a fungal skin illness that usually begins between the toes. It results in a scaly, itchy rash that can be unpleasant or burning. People may also develop sores or blisters, which can be extremely painful. Fortunately, athlete’s foot is a condition that … Read more

How to get self tanner off

How to get self tanner off, skin care, health, health care, health issues, self tanner, self tanning

How to get self tanner off :Self-tanning lotions and sprays provide a semi permanent tint to your skin without the risk of skin cancer that comes with continuous sun exposure. However, “fake” tanning creams might be difficult to use, especially for beginners. Self-tanning products can be ruined if dark, streaky spots emerge on your skin. … Read more

Getting rid of fleas forever

Getting rid of fleas forever, fleas, getting fleas out, forever, health, health care, health issues

Getting rid of fleas forever: If you have a pet, the prospect of your beloved cat or dog contracting fleas, or people tracking in insects on our shoes or clothes, is a continual source of anxiety. These parasites feed on animal blood and can quickly become a nuisance in your home, biting both you and … Read more

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome, treatment, symptoms, health, health care, health issues

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS): Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a condition in which the intestines (IBS): You may experience uncomfortable or painful abdominal symptoms if you have irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. IBS symptoms include constipation, diarrhoea, gas, and bloating. IBS has no negative effects on your digestive system and does not increase your risk … Read more


BANANA EATING, banana, benefits of banana, health, health care, health issues,nutrient-dense fruit

BANANA EATING: Bananas are not only sweet but also nutritious, yet eating too many of them might negate all of their advantages. Although bananas are a nutritious snack, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing of BANANA EATING.Binging on any food can result in weight gain and bad nutrition, so … Read more

Food to avoid while taking metformin

Food to avoid while taking metformin: Grapefruit is a good source of vitamins and minerals, but it also contains chemicals that can interfere with the effectiveness of some drugs. However, there is currently no evidence that grapefruit consumption affects metformin usage. Metformin is a medicine that is used to treat Type 2 diabetes, which is … Read more

When do babies stop spitting up

When do babies stop spitting up, spit up, spitting up. health, health issues, health care

When do babies stop spitting up: Both breast milk and formula are typical for babies to vomit up. Infants spit up after meals (sometimes after every meal) and frequently bring up milk when they burp. Approximately half of all babies spit up at least once during their first year of life. While it’s understandable to … Read more

Intermittent Fasting and its consequences

Intermittent Fasting and its consequences, intermittent fasting, fasting and its consequences, health, health care, health issues.

Intermittent Fasting and its consequences: Intermittent fasting can be done in a variety of ways.The number of fast days and calorie limitations differ between the strategies.Intermittent fasting entails going without food for a period of time, either completely or partially, before eating normally again. When it comes to fasting for health reasons, there are four … Read more

Small bump on lips no pain

Small bump on lips no pain, pain, small bump, bump, painless, health, health care, health issues

Small bump on lips with no pain: Your lips assist you in communicating with the rest of the world. You may feel self-conscious if you have white lumps on your skin. There are a variety of reasons for these bumps. While most white pimples aren’t cause for alarm, they can occasionally signal mouth cancer. It’s … Read more