Suspect by Robert Crais

Suspect by Robert Crais: Suspect by Robert Crais is all about the dark aspects of the modern world. Crimes are the dark and heinous part of the human life. The criminals have discovered and invented new methods and ways to commit the most heinous crimes. These criminals are dealt with different methods by the law abiding forces and other agencies. There are many agencies working in the different countries to tackle these criminals and to bring to them to the law and court. Suspect by Robert Crais is the novel that deals with the serial killer and his way of killing the people.

The word crime is hated most in the world but at the same time, people are bending to the crimes as it ensures the power and money in the shortest manner. The dreams of becoming powerful and wealthy overnight attracts the souls to wander in this field and do whatever they think it right to do. Suspect by Robert Crais is one of such novel that tells the horrible story of the crimes who has been raised to life with the help of law enforcement agencies.Suspect by Robert Crais is based on the investigation about the killers.

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Elvis Cole and Joe Pike series comes a thrilling novel featuring LAPD K-9 Officer Scott James and his German shepherd, Maggie.

Scott James‘ partner, Stephanie, was slain in a brutal attack by unidentified males nine months ago, leaving him outraged, humiliated, and ready to blow. Until he meets his new companion, he is unfit for duty. Maggie isn’t faring any better. Her PTSD is as serious as Scott’s, as she survived two deployments in Afghanistan smelling bombs before losing her handler. It’s their final opportunity to save each other. And they’re about to start looking into the one case no one wants them to look into: finding out who killed Stephanie. What they discover, however, has the potential to break them both.

Suspect by Robert Crais

OFFICER SCOTT JAMES is paying attention to Dominick Leland, a K-9 handler with 32 years on the job, as he explains what a dog leash is: This isn’t made of steel or nylon. It’s a thorn in my side.
It’s not for dragging him down the street if you clip one end to yourself and the other to this animal.
You can feel him via this nerve, and he can feel you, and whatever flows through here flows both ways — worry, fear, punishment, approbation — without you and your dog ever having to look at each other, without you ever having to speak a word.
I watched you for eight weeks and you performed all I asked, yet nothing ever flowed through you.

Officer James, the protagonist of Robert Crais’s new novel Suspect, was a talented LAPD policeman destined for greater things whose career seemed to have ended on the same night his life nearly ended.
On a lonely Los Angeles street, he and his female girlfriend were ambushed by gunmen. He made it out alive. She didn’t do it. His physical wounds have healed, but his inner anguish has worsened.
Scott is ruled unsuitable for duty due to the usual symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, as well as overwhelming survivor guilt. He’s only sent for training in the department’s K-9 corps with the help of some sympathetic higher-ups, and is soon assigned a new female partner: a black-and-tan German Shepherd named Maggie.

Suspect by Robert Crais

Maggie, like Scott, is going through a mental breakdown. She was a former bomb-sniffing dog in Afghanistan, when she saw her loving handler, Pete, die violently. Maggie is so lost, furious, and bewildered that even experienced handler Leland believes she won’t be able to endure the specific training necessary to be a qualified K-9 recruit shortly after arriving at the LAPD dog-training center. So starts the story of an unexpected, brilliantly realized man-dog connection.
Fans of Crais‘s well-known crime-fighting combination Elvis Cole and Joe Pike will notice that the pairing of Scott James and Maggie is a significant departure.

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In some ways, it is, and in others, it isn’t. Crais’ best-selling works have established him as one of the most essential and dependable L.A. authors in the genre during the past 20 years. It’s hardly unexpected, given that he cites the Olympian gods of the City of Angels, Raymond Chandler, and Dashiell Hammett among his literary influences. But it’s not just because of his mastery of the genre’s twists, noir-ish characters, and tension that he’s so successful.

Crais’s constant themes have been honesty and fidelity from his first award-winning Elvis Cole story, The Monkey’s Raincoat, to the present. Faulkner’s “eternal verities,” which have taken a hammering in recent decades in the culture at large, are extolled via the popular vehicle of crime fiction.

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But, as already stated, they are minor quibbles. Suspect is a tense, emotionally gratifying thriller that introduces us to one of crime fiction’s most intriguing pairings.
It is hoped Scott James and Maggie will work together again soon.

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About the Writer:

Robert Crais was born in 1953 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was trained as a mechanical engineer before pursuing his dream of becoming a writer. In 1976 he went to Hollywood and began writing scripts for such television series as Miami Vice and Cagney and Lacey. He received an Emmy nomination for his work on Hill Street Blues. He is the author of the Elvis Cole series and the Joe Pike series. The Monkey’s Raincoat won the Anthony and Macavity Awards in 1988. In 2005, his novel Hostage was adapted into a movie starring Bruce Willis. He is the 2006 recipient of the Ross Macdonald Literary Award. His novel, The Promise, made the New York Times bestseller list in 2015.

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