Riccardino: 28 (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery)

Riccardino: 28 (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery): Andrea Camillerin is the popular writer of thrilling novels in the English language. She is much proficient in the specific language used for writing such thrilling and interesting novels. She has the special ability to produce characters from fiction that seem to be part of the living human beings moving around us and taking part in the daily routine of the world.

Riccardino: 28 (An Inspector Montalbano Mystery)

The series initiated by her was won her universal popularity for her and her services have been acknowledged by the readers as well as the officials. She has been rewarded with various awards for her beautiful writings and unique characters. The series written on Inspector Montalbano’s books is very appealing and interesting. Inspector Montalbano is the main hero of the series who performs various daring deeds and actions to overcome the criminals and their mafias. On the bed in the night, one can relax and find great joy in reading the thrilling and detective novel which would never disappoint the readers in terms of pleasing the readers to great extent.

“I predicted Montalbano’s departure from the scene at the age of eighty, I had the notion, and I didn’t let it go. As a result, I found myself creating this novel, which is the series’ final chapter and volume. And I told my publisher to hide it in a drawer and only publish it once I was gone.” Andrea Camilleri is a writer who lives in Italy.

Montalbano gets a phone call early in the morning, but it’s not Catarella announcing a murder; instead, it’s a man named Riccardino who’s reached the wrong number and wants to know when he’ll be arriving for the meeting. “In ten minutes,” Montalbano adds irritably. Soon after, he receives another call, this time announcing the regular assassination. In front of his three pals, a man was shot and killed outside a bar. It turns out that the person who called him was the same person who called him.

As a result, an in-depth examination begins. The day begins and it does not prove any good for the inspector Montalbano. He receives a call from the stranger. The stranger wants Montalbano to meet him and his friends at some specific place and time. Montalbano is slow to react and tries to discover the background of the call and the stranger who calls himself Riccardino. Within the next few hours, inspector Montalbano is entangled in some difficulty as he received the shocking news that someone is killed mercilessly in broad daylight by some unknown killer. Going further into the inquiry, he finds the person killed in the broad day was the same Riccardino who called him earlier to meet him.  

A local bishop and the fortune teller also call on the inspector and they inform him about the assassination of the motorbiker Riccardino. No clue whatsoever reaches him in spite of the hard labor and perspiring efforts. All the action starts with the phone call and the case is also solved when the inspector Montalbano receives another call from another unknown caller. The clue from the phone call gives birth to unending thrill and suspense.  

A very interesting book to read and surely you would feel great satisfaction when you have finished the novel. don’t miss the chance and get the copy to read it at the first hand.

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