New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb

New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb: New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb is all about the crime and the role of the law enforcement agencies to control the crimes in the city.The nature of the crimes is different in different events and and the behavior of the criminals is not such as can be anticipated.These people are very skilled and well planner.They are nor caught and traced easily.Someone has to be very diligent and vigilant to cope with the criminals’ activities.New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb describes the harsh incidents related to the murder of the person.

it is not easy job but the most difficult and uphill task.The novel deals with the crimes and the criminals that are there to disrupt the peace and calm of the society. The suspense and thrill is kept till the last line of the novel and the readers would never lose their interest and concentration until the last line is reached and the climax is resolved.New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb is going to be very amusing piece of writing.

Lieutenant Eve Dallas yearned for murder as a late-summer storm slammed against her single, thin window. As far as she could tell, the only thing that could spare her from the pain of papers stacked like the Alps on her desk at Cop Central was a good, bloody homicide. No doubt her own fault, but she’d been far too preoccupied with investigating and closing cases to sit down and work on budgets, spending reports, and the blasted assessment forms.New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb is

Telling herself it was part of the job didn’t help when she had to do it in mass, which is why she’d locked herself in her office with copious amounts of coffee and wondered why no one had killed someone else to save her. Her eyes throbbed as she peered at the numbers on her computer screen.

New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb

She muttered, sulked, and boiled before strapping on and squeezing, crunching, fudged, and manipulating the stingy departmental bottom line to match the needs of her division. With deep fury, she realized they were murder cops.

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Homicide wasn’t just fueled by blood. She finished it and moved on to the expense chits that her policemen and detectives had submitted. Did Baxter really think she’d be willing to pay $375 for shoes because he’d messed up his own chasing a suspect down a sewer? And why the hell had Reineke paid a street-level licensed companion double the standard rate for information? She came to a halt, refilled her coffee, and gazed out the window at the devastation of the storm for a few moments.

New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb

At the very least, she wasn’t stuck like a wet cork in one of the shivering air trams or squeezing her way through the drowning misery of city traffic. She could be drenched, steaming like a clam in the unrelenting heat that New York experienced in the summer of 2060. Stalling, she grumbled, and forced herself to sit down again.New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb is treat fro the readers.

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She’d made a vow to herself that she’d finish before the wedding in the afternoon. She and her companion would both be awarded medals. Eve reasoned that Peabody had deserved it and more as the spark for bringing down a gang of corrupt officers. If submitting Peabody’s name for the Meritorious Police Duty Honor for Integrity was the drudgery of command, it was a blessing.

New York to Dallas by J. D. Robb

All she had to do was finish the grunt job, and she’d be able to enjoy the moment with a clear mind and a guilt-free conscience. She wished she had candy, but she hadn’t decided on a new hiding spot to foil the Candy Thief’s schemes. She hoped she could dump some of this nonsense on Peabody like she could when he was her aide rather than her partner.

Those were the days. She admitted to stuttering once more as she brushed her fingers over her short, cropped brown hair. She hacked her way through the expenditure reports and handed them in to the appropriate people. “The task has been completed.

“Turn it off.” The computer responded, unable to comply. “I finished,” says the speaker. This is a false statement. Before the system could relax, all of the stated reports and evaluations had to be completed. Only a fire, terrorist attack, alien invasion, or an open and active case demanding her attention can override this instruction by Dallas, Lieutenant Eve, on a priority basis… Was she serious? Had she coded that?

“I had a change of heart.” Changes of mind, exhaustion, boredom, and other lame excuses are not admissible for countermand, according to the previous directive… Eve grumbled, “Bite me.” I’m unable to cooperate…

About the Writer:

Nora Roberts was born on October 10, 1950, in Silver Spring, Maryland. Irish Thoroughbred, her debut book, was published in 1981. She has authored over 150 novels since then, which have been translated into over 25 languages. Montana Sky, Time and Again, Blue Smoke, Carolina Moon, The Search, Chasing Fire, and The Witness are among the romances she has written under her own name. Under the pen name J. D. Robb, she writes crime thrillers such as the In Death series. In 2013, her novel Thankless in Death was included to The New York Times Best Seller List. She was inducted into the Romance Writers of America Hall of Fame and received the Lifetime Achievement Award. She was a New York Times Best Seller in 2015.

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