Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin

Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin: The novel Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin is digging the destruction made by the two bombs that were dropped on the two major center of culture and civilization in Japan. The novel Counterattack gives back the plan that was made to counter the attack on the twin cities. The novels by W.E.B. Griffin are full of action, thrill and suspense. these novels never let the readers come out of the trance of the powerful plot and life like characters and situations. Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin is the handy work that could prove useful for reading an enjoying.

The author is gifted with special kind of craftsmanship and skill to tackle the different sensations and thrills found in the day ti day life of even the common man. Never ever any reader who has the taste to appreciate the true literary charms and fascination would get bored while reading the novels thought and trimmed by W.E.B. Griffin. The counterattack is one of the very best from the mighty and schema of W.E.B. Griffin.

Two Marines are stranded on a tiny Coast watcher island while reporting on Japanese aviation activity.
To save them, a special rescue squad is assembled—under enemy fire. Only W.E.B. Griffin could describe such a thrilling and inspiring narrative of true courage. Line of fire is action packed novel that would attract you to know the style and intrigues involved in the wars and battles fought in the name of democracy.

Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin

Two Marines are stranded inside a Coast watcher station on tiny Buka Island as the brutal war for control of the Solomon continues. They’re on the island to report on Japanese aviation activity, and their situation is getting increasingly dangerous, even as their supplies run out; if they aren’t rescued soon, they may never leave. A team is assembled on the orders of newly-commissioned Marine Brigadier General Fleming Pickering.

Captain Charles Galloway, who is still recovering from his crash into the sea; Captain Charles Galloway, who is still recovering from his crash into the sea; Captain Charles Galloway, who is still recovering from his crash into the sea; Captain Charles Galloway, who is still recovering from his crash into the sea; Lieutenant Ken “Killer” McCoy, China Marine and hardened veteran; Second Lieutenant Malcolm Pickering, Fleming’s son and possessor of a deadly daredevil streak.

The Coast watchers group has effectively written Koffler and Howard off, believing that delivering supplies or rescuing them is impossible. Brigadier General Fleming Pickering, who is a key figure in the operation that brings the soldiers to the island, disagrees. He believes that a Marine should never leave another Marine and refuses to acknowledge that there is no way to save Koffler and Howard and that supplies and a rescue squad must be sent in.

Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin

Lieutenant Ken “Killer” McCoy is tasked by Pickering with devising a rescue plan. The proposal is so risky that most people who hear about it think it’s suicide, but Pickering, McCoy, and their team believe they can pull it off. Their team of volunteers is well-prepared for this mission and adaptable enough to deal with any developments that arise. Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin describes beautifully the adventures of the captain in the center of bombs, guns and cannons.

Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin

As it chronicles the events of the numerous protagonists, Line of Fire is full of excitement, intrigue, and adventure. Pick Pickering, Fleming’s son and a Naval pilot, is one of the characters. Until his buddy and fellow pilot, Dick Stecker, gets gravely injured while landing an aircraft at Henderson Field in Guadalcanal, he is a brazen daredevil. He is frightened of flying after that, yet he is still a member of the rescue mission. The operation proceeds once Charley Galloway, an experienced pilot, deals with him.Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin would definitely inspire the feelings of the patriotism in the readers.

Line of Fire by W.E.B. Griffin

The book is written in the same way as the others in the series, and it has all of the hallmarks of previous W.E.B. Griffin works. The novel is rather short to read, and the reader will appreciate it and find it worthwhile. Line of Fire, by W.E.B. Griffin, is one of the series of books in his continuing story of the United States Marines Corps. In this book, he looks at the lives and activities of a variety of characters during the early years of the war in the Pacific. Line of Fire is the fifth book of the series.

No one captures the drama of war as brilliantly as bestselling author W.E.B. Griffin. The Corps is his multi-volume portrait of the Marine Corps, the brave men and women who fought, loved and died in the sweeping turmoil of WW II.

About the Writer:

W. E. B. Griffin is one of William E. Butter worth III’s eight aliases. He was born on November 10, 1929, in Newark, New Jersey. In 1946, he enrolled as a soldier in the United States Army and attended Fort Holabird for counterintelligence training. After serving on the staff of Commander of the US Constabulary, Major General I.D. White, in the Army of Occupation in Germany, Butterworth left the army in 1947, but rejoined and served with White again in Korea from 1951 to 1953. Butterworth remained in Korea as a war journalist after quitting the military for the second time. He was eventually promoted to chief of the Signal Aviation Test and Support Activity’s publications section at the Army Aviation Center in Fort Rucker, Alabama.

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