Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger: Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger is the novel that deals with the love and romance that is related with the family. The relation between the family members has always been the topic of the different novels and stories. The delicate relations are sometimes thrashed by the members when they indulge in the lust of wealth or other material gains.Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger touches upon the sensitive issues which are related to the marriages and the family issues in very convincing manner.

He was introduced to her through a dating app. A date at a downtown bar, a fascinating image on a screen.
What she believed would be a simple connection turned into much more. She was completely smitten by him.It happens every now and again, a strong connection with a complete stranger catches you off guard.
Is it possible that it is love?Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger is based on the very interesting story.

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But then he stood her up just as things were becoming serious. Then he vanished—profiles were deleted, and his phone was unplugged. She had been ghosted. It’s possible that it was her fault. She revealed far too much information in a short period of time. But isn’t that what women assume all the time—that they’re to blame?
She soon discovers that there were others.

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger

Girls who mistakenly believed they were in love. Girls who went missing later. She was looking for a connection before, but now she’s searching for answers. Chasing a digital trail into his dark past—and hers—she finds herself on a dangerous hunt. And she’s not sure if she’s the prey or the predator.

Wren Greenwood is wary of using the internet to find love or even a fling.However, vibrant Jax, one of her best pals, presses her. Wren, who is 28 years old, is completely focused on her career as a writer and podcaster for the advice column “Dear Birdie.”She’s so focused on assisting her audience with their personal life that she doesn’t have her own.
So Wren registers for Torch, a Tinder-like app, and there he is.Adam Harper is enigmatic, broodingly handsome, and quotes Rilke in his bio.Wren, a Rilke devotee, falls in love with him right away and lives happily ever after for a few months.Then he’s gone.She’s hurt and perplexed—and then terrified, because everything she thought she knew about his identity appears to be a lie.

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But why is she receiving weird texts from unfamiliar numbers, as well as catching glimpses of a towering figure standing nearby?Then a private detective named Bailey Kirk begins questioning another lady who met a man who looks like Adam online—a woman who has since vanished.Wren’s first-person narration is expertly crafted by Unger, who creates an interesting, humorous character and draws the reader into her life, gently revealing that she has her own secrets.

Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa Unger

In this thriller, almost no one is who they seem to be.In her closing chapters, Unger consistently ramps up the tension and the disclosures.In this novel, though, she spins like Simone Biles—and lands on her feet.

The word “epic” is overused, yet no other word can describe one of the most arduous and momentous trips in human history, or the bravery of the prisoners whose miseries had not finished but had only just begun when they set foot on Australian land at Botany Bay on January 19th, 1788.

Richard Morgan stood out among the inmates not just for his strength and calm determination to not be bullied, but also for his knowledge, fair-mindedness, common sense, and eagerness to aid others.
To these characteristics must be added an innate dignity that hinted, even under the most dreadful circumstances, at a life marked by catastrophes that would have ruined most men.

If you’re looking for an authentic legal thriller with plenty of twists and turns, Last Girl Ghosted by Lisa UngerMcCullough is for you.

About the Writer:

Lisa Unger is a New York Times bestselling novelist who has also had books published in other countries.
Her books have been translated into 26 languages and have sold millions of copies around the world.
In 2019, she was nominated for two Edgar Awards, a distinction bestowed upon only a few writers, including Agatha Christie.
Her work has been named on “Best Book” lists from Today, People, GMA, EW, Amazon, IndieBound and many others. She has contributed to the New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Travel+Leisure.
Her family and she reside in Florida.

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