Feared by Lisa Scottoline

Feared by Lisa Scottoline: Feared by Lisa is the among the bestsellers novel. It is about the suspense, thrill and the mysterious happenings. The nature of the fascists is revealed in the novel and the reaction of the local people is described wonderfully. The conditions are becoming from worse to worst and atmosphere of oppression and suppression is present in the whole of the novel. Wonderfully tackled with the harsh political realities, the author has summed up all the necessary skill of authorship and writing can be traced in each and every line of the novel, Feared by Lisa Scottoline.

Mary DiNunzio and Bennie Rosato are upset when three men announce that they are suing the Rosato & DiNunzio law practice for reverse sex discrimination, claiming that they were not employed because they were males. To make matters worse, their lone male employee, John Fox man, has announced his intention to leave, stating there is some truth to this story. Feared by Lisa Scottoline is very thrilling novel.

Nick Machiavelli, the plaintiffs’ lawyer, has previously lost to Mary once and is returning with a vengeance, determined to not only win, but to destroy the firm.
Machiavelli quickly demonstrates that he would go to any length to attain his goal…even if the case turns fatal.

Feared by Lisa Scottoline

The stakes have never been greater for Mary and her colleagues as they attempt to keep Machiavelli at bay, investigate a murder, and save the legal company they adore…or risk losing all they’ve worked for. This new thriller, told with Scottoline’s signature ability for twists, turns, heart, and compassion, poses the question: Is it better to be loved, or to be feared… Feared, the sixth installment in the critically renowned Rosato & DiNunzio series, deftly examines what occurs when we are tempted to succumb to our own inner darkness.

An adversary from their past targets a female law practitioner. What begins as a vexing litigation quickly escalates into something far more dangerous, and they are forced to rescue their company, their lives, and all they have fought so hard for. Will they, however, be able to do so in time? Feared, Lisa Scottoline’s latest thriller, will tell you all you need to know.

Feared by Lisa Scottoline

Bennie Rosato and Mary DiNunzio are irritated. They’ve been served with a frivolous lawsuit by three guys they don’t know—three men who claim they weren’t employed because they’re men. To add insult to injury, their lone male employee claims that the case has some merit and threatens to leave.Nick Machiavelli, an attorney who despises losing, is the true mastermind behind this fake of a lawsuit, as Mary knows. She beat him in court the last time she saw him, and he refused to accept defeat gracefully. Instead, he promised to avenge himself and ruin Mary’s company one day.Feared by Lisa is the most charming novel in the fiction.

Feared by Lisa Scottoline

When it becomes clear that Machiavelli would stop at nothing to achieve his aim, even if it means murder, things soon spiral out of control. Mary is more determined than ever to prevent her adversary from harming the people she loves about, decimating her company, and apprehending the killer before he strikes again. I haven’t read a Lisa Scottoline novel in a long time, primarily because the plots haven’t piqued my attention.
Feared, her most recent book, is a departure from her previous works. Feared by Lisa would surely be the great attraction for the readers of the fiction.

She depicts how two powerful women, Bennie Rosato and Mary DiNunzio, respond when they are threatened, especially when they successfully breach the glass barrier by starting their own corporation with a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. The women gather the troops and maintain their ground while Machiavelli pursues them with all means at his disposal, even if they question whether he would be able to strip them of everything they have.

Feared is a novel in which Scottoline subtly asks her readers, “Is it better to be loved or feared?” Feared is propelled by realistic dialogue, intense tension, a complex mystery, and compelling people. This story is a gem and a gift in an age where the mighty use their power without judgement, one that makes everyone of us pause and consider the repercussions of allowing guys like Machiavelli to frighten us.
Feared by Scottoline is a narrative that bravely addresses unpleasant facts, inspires us to stand up to fear mongers, and remains in our minds long after the final page is turned.

The fairy-tale ending calls for some convenient coincidences and changes of heart, but Scottoline’s legion of fans will be too relieved to object.

Scottoline‘s journalistic aphorisms provide some strategic leavening, such as when one of the pupils’ moms fantasies about a relationship with the counterfeit hero: “She knew it was an improper fantasy, but no desire worth having was inappropriate.”

About the Writer:

Lisa Scottoline is the author of 30 books, including the forthcoming AFTER ANNA, which is a New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award-winning thriller. She also co-writes a weekly piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer with her daughter Francesca Serritella called “Chick Wit,” which is a funny and amusing look at life from a woman’s viewpoint.

These and other previously unpublished stories have been compiled in a New York Times bestseller series of funny memoirs, the most current of which being I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But The Pool. Lisa writes reviews for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lisa was the President of Mystery Writers of America for a while. Lisa earned a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania in three years, with a specialty in Contemporary American Fiction, which she studied under Philip Roth and others.

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