Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

Exposed by Lisa Scottoline: Exposed is the among the bestsellers novel. It is about the suspense, thrill and the mysterious happenings. The nature of the fascists is revealed in the novel and the reaction of the local people is described wonderfully. The conditions are becoming from worse to worst and atmosphere of oppression and suppression is present in the whole of the novel. Wonderfully tackled with the harsh political realities, the author has summed up all the necessary skill of authorship and writing can be traced in each and every line of the novel, Exposed by Lisa Scottoline.

Mary DiNunzio wants to defend an old friend, Simon Pensiera, a sales representative who was wrongfully sacked by his firm, but her partner, Bennie Rosato, represents the parent corporation. When she confronts Mary about the conflict of interest, the two engage in a titanic battle of wills and legal strategy that tears the law practice apart, compelling everyone to pick sides, and pitting friend against friend.

Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

Simon Pensiera’s wrongful termination case against Open Space, where his boss, Todd Eddington, fired him after his daughter Rachel’s medical expenses skyrocketed, should be a no-brainer—especially since Simon, the son of one of Matty DiNunzio’s oldest South Philly friends, is practically a cousin to Matty’s daughter, Mary, who offers to take the case for free.

However, it comes out that Mary’s partner, Bennie Rosato, has long represented Dumbarton Industries, the company that owns Open Space, indicating a clear conflict of interest. Or perhaps not so evident, Mary and Bennie make their own decisions after conducting their own study. This chaotic, complicated, yet absolutely obvious, greased-lightning legal nightmare still has half its length to go, leading directly to Simon.

Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

Even so, it’s clear that Mary really wants to take the case, and Dumbarton CEO Nate Lence, who’s always had a thing for Bennie, really wants her to leave it alone—so much so that when Bennie tries to resolve the conflict by pulling all of Dumbarton’s business, Nate files a retaliatory defamation suit seeking $2 million from the newly unemployed Simon, who already can’t afford Rachel’s bone marrow transplant.
Is it possible for things to become any worse? Of course they can, as Mary demonstrates when she takes the nuclear option and leaves the company, a decision that not only upsets Bennie’s world but also turns the two former partners into enemies in almost every way. Then Todd Eddington is assassinated, with all evidence pointing to Simon, and this crazy, convoluted, but completely obvious, greased-lightning legal nightmare is just halfway over.

Exposed by Lisa Scottoline

Despite some overheated damsel-in-distress issues at the conclusion, a brilliant proof of the idea that “justice was still the finest consolation prize going” despite the fact that it can’t bring back the dead. You’ll be cheering at the closing curtain, and Scottoline will have earned every ovation.

The result is a thrilling thriller but a poor mystery, with the author’s trademark third-act nerves running riot as they spin out a succession of impossible difficulties, a torrent of shameless cliffhangers, and a suspect exmachina before the outrageously happy ending. Edgar-winner In her sixth Rosato & DiNunzio novel (after 2016’s Damaged), Scottoline underscores the dangers of our health-care system. Mary DiNunzio’s old family friend Simon Pensiera is in need of her assistance.
Simon’s four-year-old daughter has leukaemia, and he feels his previous company, Open Space, sacked him due to rising insurance expenses. Mary agrees to represent Simon, unaware that her boyfriend Bennie Rosato is the parent corporation of Open Space. Open Space is refusing to settle out of court, and the matter appears to be headed for a credibility war.
When Mary refuses to submit Simon’s case to another lawyer, the conflict of interest threatens to derail the new collaboration. When Simon’s former employer is found killed, he becomes the primary suspect, and Mary finds herself in the middle of a much greater crisis.

About the Writer:

Lisa Scottoline is the author of 30 books, including the forthcoming AFTER ANNA, which is a New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award-winning thriller. She also co-writes a weekly piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer with her daughter Francesca Serritella called “Chick Wit,” which is a funny and amusing look at life from a woman’s viewpoint.

These and other previously unpublished stories have been compiled in a New York Times bestseller series of funny memoirs, the most current of which being I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But The Pool. Lisa writes reviews for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lisa was the President of Mystery Writers of America for a while. Lisa earned a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania in three years, with a specialty in Contemporary American Fiction, which she studied under Philip Roth and others.

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