Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline

Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline: Eternal is the among the bestsellers novel. It is about the suspense, thrill and the mysterious happenings. The nature of the fascists is revealed in the novel and the reaction of the local people is described wonderfully. The conditions are becoming from worse to worst and atmosphere of oppression and suppression is present in the whole of the novel. Wonderfully tackled with the harsh political realities, the author has summed up all the necessary skill of authorship and writing can be traced in each and every line of the novel, Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline.

Vicki Allegretti, an assistant US attorney, arrives to see a confidential informant and finds herself confronted by a panicked adolescent with a loaded 9 mm Glock semiautomatic firearm. This rookie lawyer does not anticipate violence. The casing is simple, like the ones provided to new ADAs to assist them in cutting their teeth. Her colleague, however, gets shot in the chest and dies practically before she can respond.

Vicki promises to stick with the investigation, protect her source, and locate the shadowy entity responsible for her partner’s death after that high-octane start to her new work. This choice will lead her to the “bowl” of a federal prison center, a row house on the street where she grew up, and the luxury suburbs where her parents now reside. Cater Street is the story of a tenacious young lawyer pursuing justice, set against the gritty background of a modern American metropolis and flavored with Lisa Scottoline’s characteristic style and wit.

Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline

Vicki Allegrett knows who the killers are; all she needs to do now is track them down. The more she investigates, the more she knows she’s dealing with merciless assassins. Her suspicions lead her to Devil’s Corner, a desolate wasteland teeming with damaged souls, naive youngsters, and a plague that preys on both. Unfortunately, her gorgeous colleague Dan Molloy is too married to provide her with the type of help she requires, but she joins forces with an unusual friend and embarks on a thrilling trip down a perilous street. And into into the middle of a strong and unstoppable conspiracy. Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline is full of suspense and thrill for the enjoyment of the readers.

Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline

DEVIL’S CORNER is Lisa Scottoline’s most gratifying novel yet, set against the throbbing background of Philadelphia, with a tale propelled by strong female characters and the fast pace that has been her signature.’I’ve added Lisa Scottoline to my list of must-read authors. Her works are loaded with teeth-gnashing tension, engaging characters, and razor-sharp humor that gets right to the core of the matter.’

Devil’s Corner by Lisa Scottoline

The plot’s twists and turns are reminiscent of Philadelphia’s streets and alleyways. The terrible people didn’t come as a surprise to me because the author offered enough of hints and inferences. The slam-bang finale, on the other hand, should gratify every reader. Devil’s Corner is a well-rounded novel written with Scottoline’s trademark wit. The action never stops, and the reader is kept flipping pages at a breakneck pace.

The fairy-tale ending calls for some convenient coincidences and changes of heart, but Scottoline’s legion of fans will be too relieved to object.

Scottoline‘s journalistic aphorisms provide some strategic leavening, such as when one of the pupils’ moms fantasies about a relationship with the counterfeit hero: “She knew it was an improper fantasy, but no desire worth having was inappropriate.”

About the Writer:

Lisa Scottoline is the author of 30 books, including the forthcoming AFTER ANNA, which is a New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award-winning thriller. She also co-writes a weekly piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer with her daughter Francesca Serritella called “Chick Wit,” which is a funny and amusing look at life from a woman’s viewpoint.

These and other previously unpublished stories have been compiled in a New York Times bestseller series of funny memoirs, the most current of which being I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But The Pool. Lisa writes reviews for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lisa was the President of Mystery Writers of America for a while. Lisa earned a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania in three years, with a specialty in Contemporary American Fiction, which she studied under Philip Roth and others.

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