Dark Protectors Book 8: Vampire Faith

Dark Protectors Book 8: Vampire Faith: Concept of supernatural world is present in the very minds of the people. each and every person is interested in the world beyond human approach and eyes. It is the world where lot of strange and mysterious things are happening.These things are attracting the human beings for centuries and are still the source of enjoyment and pleasures. Dark Protectors Book 8 is another addition in the novels.

Literature of the world is full of the stories and tales about the strange world which is termed as the supernatural world. This world is the residence of withes, fairies, jins, ghosts and demons and vampires. Dark Protectors book 8 Vampire Faith is also the series written on the topic of the supernatural beings and describes the very world where strange people and beings are busy in fighting and daring to grab the world from others being with might and power. Physical as well as the intellectual power is being used to dominate the others.

Ronan Kayrs was the center of the series of dark protector. The new novel of vampire faith is about the actions that have been the part of this series. He offers to lay down his life for the people of his lands but he is not expected to do any sacrifice for the cause of his lands and people. He is not to be survived the savage sacrifice that he is going to offer willingly to get rid of the world of ultimate evils. He was least expecting to emerge in this time and place. on the other hand, he is not certain that he would be unable to touch the woman that has been hunting his dreams all through his life.

The woman has been hunting him for centuries. He is in search of that woman but he is sure that he would never be able to reach that woman. He is born in the period where things are happening differently. It is the period where the vampires are hidden and are not visible for everyone. It is the period where enemies are becoming stronger and stronger and getting more and more power. Her companion is also unaware of the power that she has in her personality to tackle and face the enemies.

different stories and tales are flying round the world about the existence of the vampires. Some believe that vampires have no existence and others believe that vampires are the bitter realities of this world. Dr. Faith is one of those people who believe in the existence of the vampires. He has irrefutable evidences that vampires are found in the very world of us. They belong to the warm blooded animals.

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They can be traced walking in the sunlight and they are surprisingly sexy and full of lust. Dr. Faith has his base on the concepts and realities proved by science. Hi beliefs are based on science and scientific knowledge but the restlessness she feels around this predatory male defies reason. Especially when it grows into a hunger only he can satisfy—that is if they can survive the evil hunting them both. Vampire faith is at its best in this episode of the series.

Dark Protectors Book 8: Vampire Faith

The DP universe grows in this installment of the Dark Protector series as we discover more about The Seven, the super violent Kurjan religious cult known as the Cyst, and Ulric, their leader, who the Brotherhood has imprisoned in an alternative dimensional bubble. Vampire faith is tried and experienced by many and is tried time and again.
After a thousand years, the outer bubble Ronan Kayrs was defending burst, placing him in a coma for a few months until he is discovered by humans under debris. Dr. Faith Cooper has been enhanced and now has the power to communicate with coma patients and assist them in regaining consciousness. Ronan doesn’t require her assistance, but Grace, Faith’s sister, is still trapped in her own head following a terrible house invasion attack.

Dark Protectors Book 8: Vampire Faith

Faith is a little puzzled and confused. She has Ronan explain to her about her being an Enhanced human, about mating with vampires, and about the Kurjans and the Cyst and the threats they pose. Dayne, the Kurjan commander, also shows up after giving Faith’s unconscious sister a shock of Kurjan blood, which awakened her.

Dark Protectors Book 8: Vampire Faith

Dayne promises that the Kurjans have more sophisticated medical technology than the vampires and that they can assist her provided she hands over Ronan “The Butcher” Kayrs to them. Ronan is unsure whether what Dayne is saying her is accurate because she has been out of touch for the previous thousand years, and things may have changed since Ronan was last active in vampire/Kurjan politics. Faith isn’t sure who to trust, but she desperately wants her sister to be cured.

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We also find that Hope Kayrs-Kyllwood is under considerably greater stress than Janie. Hope is the world’s first female vampire. She possesses the characteristics of a prophet. Now we discover that there was a prophecy about the first female vampire, and that she would be crucial in Ulric’s demise. There’s a lot of pressure. For a seven-year-old, that’s a lot of pressure. Will Logan and Garrett allow Hope to harm herself in the end (if they become members of The Seven) or will her uncles sacrifice everything, including their membership in the Seven, to protect her?

It is a very enjoyable, addictive, and creditworthy start to a new paranormal series in which Alpha Vamps in the form of virus want to possess, protect, impregnate, and cherish their mates, but the Jordan wants the same thing, and it appears that a bitter fight to the death involving other paranormal is in the works.The feisty vs the dominating, good against evil, and good vs evil make for an engaging listen and a terrific start to a fresh new series in Book 4 of the Dark Protectors series.

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