Dark Protectors Book 4: Consumed

Dark Protectors Book 4: Consumed: Concept of supernatural world is present in the very minds of the people. Each and every person is interested in the world beyond human approach and eyes. It is the world where lot of strange and mysterious things are happening. These things are attracting the human beings for centuries and are still the source of enjoyment and pleasures.

Literature of the world is full of the stories and tales about the strange world which is termed as the supernatural world. this world is the residence of withes, fairies, jins, ghosts and demons and vampires. Dark Protectors Book 4 is also the series written on the topic of the supernatural beings and describe the very world where strange people and beings are busy in fighting and daring to grab the world from others being with might and power. physical as well as the intellectual power is being used to dominate the others.

Katie Smith is very daring and powerful character. She is not only the most intelligent of the class but also the brave and witty hunter and takes part in the arduous activities of the world where she is living and spending her days with quite satisfaction and peace of mind. She is taking the class of elite hunting force. this force is being trained for eliminating the werewolves which are wandering around the hills of the Western Virginia. She has become very expert in this game of hunting the werewolves.

She is very well at this game as her focus and driven movements are of outstanding quality and exceptional traits. It is wonderful to note that she would never go back down and it doesn’t matter how dangerous the steep hill and odds are. She is to do it at every cost and every condition. She may be called the Southern sass. She is always willing to lay down even her own life for the only person in the world but the sad fact that is approaching was the risk of that only person for losing his humanity for fighting for his tribe and people.

Dark Protectors Book 4: Claimed

Jordan Pride is busy in protecting his people from the deadly virus that could change the people into beast of the fierce kind. the dark protector Jordan pride is doing everything to protect his precious people who are the soul of his being but luck is perhaps not on his side. In the moment of bad luck, the guard of Jordan Pride painstakingly drops some viruses and this incident turn the whole situation to the worst position.

It takes the irreversible turn and Jordan’s destruction starts. The hero of dark protector starts losing his traits of humanity and is near to become the beast against which he was fighting the desperate war. At this critical juncture, the woman come to his rescues who is ready to surrender everything to him. All this happens under the full moon rising. Dark Protectors Book 4 is at its best.

Dark Protectors Book 4 takes set 10 years after the events of Hunted, which I believe was a wise decision on Ms. Zanetti’s part. It serves two purposes: one, it keeps the narrative fresh by enabling younger characters to grow, and two, it lends weight and a thread of desperation to the situations in which our heroes find themselves.

Over the course of the last three volumes, we’ve grown to know both Katie and Jordan, and this is a relationship you truly care about.They’ve been longing for each other for decades, and now the clock is ticking. Jordan’s ferociousness clashes with his soft, fragile feelings for Kate. She realizes he may not have much time left, and she isn’t afraid to risk her dignity in order to have him see her as a woman.

We observe rare, unguarded moments between Jordan and Connlan Kayrs in flashbacks, when they were still relatively young innocents and hadn’t yet taken a life. Quite the opposite of the murderous, vicious leaders they would both become. Wait till you see Jordan in action if you thought Connlan was intense when he claimed Moira in Hunted.

When he ultimately caves in to Kate’s mating techniques, he uses the word “Consume.” Jordan is all Alpha, domineering, and aggressive when he marks her, which is unusual for a man who is typically so level-headed and in control, if sometimes cruelly. This scenario jumps off the page and is so gripping that I had to read it numerous times.

Katie Smith is the top of her class, a member of an elite hunting squad tasked with eradicating werewolves from Western Virginia’s hills. She’s terrific at it because she has the type of focus and determination that will not let her down, no matter how difficult the situation.
It’s known as “southern sass.”
Whatever it is, her desire to sacrifice everything for the one guy she’s ever cared about—a man on the point of losing his humanity—is undeniable.

It’s Sometimes Necessary To Mate To Stay Alive.

Jordan Pride has spent the last 10 years of his life to protecting his people from a deadly shifter virus. Jordan’s guard lowers just long enough for his fate to take an irreparable turn in a rare moment of distraction.
Unless the lady he loves repeatedly surrenders all to him beneath the full moon rising and to face every situation however dangerous could be.

There’s Nowhere To Hide
When Jordan and Katie tumbled on the moonlit grass, Jordan hadn’t meant to mark her as his mate for all time. She was only twenty! But it wasn’t easy to wait for her. It was even harder to forget her. So when he finally returns for his wicked-hot witch, he’s ready to let the sparks flying. Even if he burns up in flames. Dark Protector is at its best in this new novel by Rebecca Zanetti.

It is a very enjoyable, addictive, and creditworthy start to a new paranormal series in which Alpha Vamps in the form of virus want to possess, protect, impregnate, and cherish their mates, but the Jordan wants the same thing, and it appears that a bitter fight to the death involving other paranormals is in the works.The feisty vs the dominating, good against evil, and good vs evil make for an engaging listen and a terrific start to a fresh new series in Book 4 of the Dark Protectors Book series.

About the Writer:

Rebecca Zanetti is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author who has written over fifty novels that have been translated into numerous languages and sold millions of copies across the world.
Her works have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Woman’s World, and Women’s Day magazines, and have garnered starred ratings from Publishers Weekly and RT Reviewer Choice awards.

Her works have also been featured in Amazon’s best-of-the-year lists and have received positive reviews in the Washington Post and the New York Times Book Reviews.
All in the name of study, Rebecca has rode in a locked Chevy trunk, persuaded the poor delivery boy to free her from a pair of shackles, and identified the greatest silver mine shafts in which to bury a body…

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