Dark Protectors Book 2.5: Tempted

Dark Protectors Book 2.5: Tempted: Concept of supernatural world is present in the very minds of the people. each and every person is interested in the world beyond human approach and eyes. It is the world where lot of strange and mysterious things are happening. These things are attracting the human beings for centuries and are still the source of enjoyment and pleasures.Dark Protectors Book 2.5 is the guts for the lover of books.

Literature of the world is full of the stories and tales about the strange world which is termed as the supernatural world. This world is the residence of withes, fairies, jins, ghosts and demons and vampires. Dark Protectors book 2.5 Tempted is also the series written on the topic of the supernatural beings and describe the very world where strange people and beings are busy in fighting and daring to grab the world from others being with might and power. Physical as well as the intellectual power is being used to dominate the others.

Sarah Pringle‘s joyful existence as a schoolteacher has been put on hold as she flees a mental facility and her vengeful half-brother.Unfortunately, her only option for self-defense is to “run and hide.”
And with the demons who launched her escape closing down on her, it won’t last long…Unless Sarah has a more powerful, badder, and hotter monster on her side. The dark protector book2.5 Tempted is marvelous edition by the author.Dark Protectors Book 9: Demon’s Mercy

Dark Protectors Book 2.5

Max Petrovsky is at the top of the alpha male ass-kickers list.And he’s well aware of Sarah’s predicament.
That’s a good thing, since the moment he sees her, something primitive kicks in, transforming ordinary attraction into raging want.Why not combine pleasure and business while they’re cooperating? Of course, Max should inform Sarah that he is a vampire.

Max and Sarah’s story fits beautifully into the Dark Protector world, and it’s a terrific novella that’s romantic and intriguing with plenty of paranormal action.Max’s primary function in the series thus far has been as Janie’s bodyguard. A large, scary vampire that is devoted to his charge and enjoys playing go fish and having his nails painted by a four-year-old. What’s not to like about that?

Dark Protectors Book 2.5

Sarah is on the run after escaping from a mental facility. Her brother accepted her after she witnessed a terrible murder by Kurjans (the vampire adversary), which she tried to describe but no one believed. The narrative thickens, though, since her brother is a deranged psychopath who wants her out of the way so he can declare her incapable and take over their grandfather’s pharmaceutical firm. Dark protector series is here in the form of Tempted.

Then comes desire . . .

Dark Protectors Book 2.5: Tempted

Max comes in as part of a vampire team to save Sarah, in damage control mode after Sarah’s extremely public release of knowledge about vampires and requesting access to the research her organization is performing. But he didn’t anticipate her to be a possible match for his race, and he certainly didn’t foresee their deep attraction.Dark Protectors Book 8: Vampire Faith can be read fro more entertainment.

Sarah is a fantastic heroine. Her psychometric talent is quite powerful (and certainly useful in recognizing evil men and revealing covert conspiracies), and she manages to keep her wits about her despite all she goes through. When she finds who Max is, she naturally freaks out, but she’s strong enough to stand up to him and fearlessly accepts him, his world, and everything he means to her.

The relationship moves at a breakneck pace, but that’s to be expected in a novella, and despite the story’s short length, the chemistry between Max and Sarah is wonderful! They have some scorching hot interactions, and more than that, you can sense a bond between them, which is extremely beautifully done for such a short book.

There’s a terrific combination of action, romance, and sex in this book, as in the others in the series, and it fits beautifully into the main plot, which depicts the continuous fight between the vampires and the Kurgens.
Both Con and Jase play a role in the action, and I liked getting more time with these guys — they’re a terrific group of characters, and I’m looking forward to continuing the series with them.

It is a very enjoyable, addictive, and creditworthy start to a new paranormal series in which Alpha Vamps in the form of virus want to possess, protect, impregnate, and cherish their mates, but the Jordan wants the same thing, and it appears that a bitter fight to the death involving other paranormal is in the works.The feisty vs. the dominating, good against evil, and good vs evil make for an engaging listen and a terrific start to a fresh new series in Book 2.5 of the Dark Protectors series.

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All in the name of study, Rebecca has rode in a locked Chevy trunk, persuaded the poor delivery boy to free her from a pair of shackles, and identified the greatest silver mine shafts in which to bury a body…

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