Dark Protectors Book 1:Fated

Dark Protectors Book 1: Fated: Concept of supernatural world is present in the very minds of the people. each and every person is interested in the world beyond human approach and eyes. it is the world where lot of strange and mysterious things are happening.

These things are attracting the human beings for centuries and are still the source of enjoyment and pleasures.Literature of the world is full of the stories and tales about the strange world which is termed as the supernatural world. This world is the residence of withes, fairies, jins, ghosts and demons and vampires. Dark Protectors fated is also the series written on the topic of the supernatural beings and describe the very world where strange people and beings are busy in fighting and daring to grab the world from others beings with might and power. Physical as well as the intellectual power is being used to dominate the others.

Rebecca Zanetti, a USA Today and New York Times bestselling female author of contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense novels, has created the Dark Protectors series. There are about seven main book titles in the Dark Protectors series that have been released to far. Dark Protectors transports the reader to a world populated by supernatural entities such as witches, shape shifters, demons, and vampires.

This is an intriguing, well-written narrative about the “Kayrs,” royal vampire brothers entrusted with preserving the magical realm and maintaining equilibrium among the numerous species that inhabit it.
To safeguard their mates and battle for their lives, the brothers are prepared to confront any odds and foes. Dark Protector , Talen , is in fact the fated vampire who wants to get the daughter of the scientist for sex and lust.

Dark Protectors Book 1: Fated

A description on some of the book characters found in Dark Protectors. Janie’s single mother, Cara Paulsen, is a scientist who works with plant DNA, modifying them to create disease-resistant crops. She is a stubborn, independent, and fearless lady who would do anything to protect her vulnerable daughter from harm, even if it meant jeopardizing her own happiness.

She’s also shown as a fiery heroine willing to battle for what she wants or believes in. Talen puts the challenge for the mother and is engaged with the daughter for fulfilling his evil desires.

Marry Paulsen is the heroine of the book. she is very persistent in her duties whether these duties are directed towards her jobs or or her daughter. She is scientist and mother of two daughters. Cara and Janie are the two daughters that are the cause of the most of her attention. She is ready to fight with anyone or anywhere.

She has cool head. She is gifted with patience and persistent and even courage to face the worst situation. she is ready to use the shotgun wedding and to become the dangerous looking woman. The strange being tries to harm her daughters and she is not ready to let that being go without taking the due lesson from the mother.

When Empath Cara and her four-year-old psychic daughter are abducted early one morning, she has no idea that she will be married and mated within 24 hours…. to a handsome, sexy, overbearing, dictatorial, arrogant Alpha Vampire named Talen who claims to be protecting her and her daughter Janie from imminent and great danger.

There’s instant chemistry and love between them but Cara, a scientist and single mother, isn’t a pushover, and she fights him and his irresistible draw by constantly plotting to flee (which can be frustrating at times, but hey, I’ve never been abducted by a Vampire!). So she’s thrust into a paranormal world full of Vampires, Witches, Shapeshifters, and Fairies straight from the start, and their lives will never be the same.

Cara and Janie are ‘gifted,’ and they are desired by more than just Talen; a wicked Vampire force known as the Kurjans also wants her and Janie, so it’s a race against time to get away from the threat and then from him.
Talen’s martial talents are devastating, but winning over his obstinate soulmate, whom he has waited 300 years for, will take time, understanding, and loving care. However, when the baddies get closer and create some terrifying life-altering substances and begin abduction, the focus of the plot shifts from seduction to survival.

It was a very enjoyable, addictive, and creditworthy start to a new paranormal series in which Alpha Vamps want to possess, protect, impregnate, and cherish their mates, but the evil Kurjans want the same thing, and it appears that a bitter fight to the death involving other paranormals is in the works.The feisty vs. the dominating, good against. evil, and good vs. evil make for an engaging listen and a terrific start to a fresh new series in Book 1 of the Dark Protectors series.

About the Writer:

Rebecca Zanetti is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author who has written over fifty novels that have been translated into numerous languages and sold millions of copies across the world.
Her works have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Woman’s World, and Women’s Day magazines, and have garnered starred ratings from Publishers Weekly and RT Reviewer Choice awards.

Her works have also been featured in Amazon’s best-of-the-year lists and have received positive reviews in the Washington Post and the New York Times Book Reviews.
All in the name of study, Rebecca has rode in a locked Chevy trunk, persuaded the poor delivery boy to free her from a pair of shackles, and identified the greatest silver mine shafts in which to bury a body…

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