Dark Protectors Book 15: Garrett’s Destiny

Dark Protectors Book 15: Garrett’s Destiny: Concept of supernatural world is present in the very minds of the people. each and every person is interested in the world beyond human approach and eyes. It is the world where lot of strange and mysterious things are happening. These things are attracting the human beings for centuries and are still the source of enjoyment and pleasures.Dark Protectors Book 15 is based on the strange events happened in the world of magic and black art.

Literature of the world is full of the stories and tales about the strange world which is termed as the supernatural world. this world is the residence of withes, fairies, jins, ghosts and demons and vampires. Dark Protectors book 15 Garrett’s Destiny is also the series written on the topic of the supernatural beings and describe the very world where strange people and beings are busy in fighting and daring to grab the world from others being with might and power. Physical as well as the intellectual power is being used to dominate the others.

Garrett Kayrs, Vampire-Demon and nephew of the King of the Realm, has borne a huge burden of duty with ease and control for most of his existence. Fate crowned him heir to the kingdom, Fortune bestowed the power of the enigmatic Circle of Seven upon him, and Chance promised more shocks to come. Nothing could stop him from pursuing his goals. Until the nightmares started—agonizing thoughts of having a female, his mate, on the back of his motorcycle, only to be wrenched away from his protection.He senses the threat around her, the danger she’s in, and he won’t stop looking for her until he finds her…
Duty and desire . . .

With a respectable mix of dread and purpose, Destiny Applegate carries the weight of her name. She’s been given some guidance, but not nearly enough for her to fully comprehend her mission, what she was born to perform. She had a feeling about him since she was a youngster. He’s her soul match.
A few fantasy moments with him that may have rescued her—or condemned her. So, when he finds her, she has no option but to hop on the back of his bike and cling on as long as she can until she finds her own path—even if it means ending his.
Then comes desire . . .

Dark Protectors Book 15

Dark Protectors Book 14: Immortal’s Honor

They needed to take a break from the activity. She wanted to show that she was capable of more. They met in paradise and fell in love…However, a murderer followed them home. Garrett Morgan, a former Army Ranger, enjoys working with Tactical Operations. He lives for using his special forces training to save innocent civilians. Garrett, on the other hand, has recently been feeling the strain of a life that is all work and little recreation. So when he’s given the opportunity for some rest and leisure, he jumps at it. He has no idea that his decision will impact his life forever.Dark Protectors Book 5: Provoked is also interesting novel presented by the author.

Dark Protectors Book 15

Avery Webb, who is twenty-eight years old, is living a totally normal existence. But she’s looking for more than that. She’s looking for a thrill. Adventure.Most importantly, she never wants to hear her sister refer to her as dull and predictable again.So, when she’s challenged to do something rash, Avery rises to the occasion by arranging a week-long cruise…all by herself. Dark Protectors Book 3: Hunted can also be read for more enjoyment and pleasure.

Avery is adamant on following through, even though she immediately regrets her decision. After all, what could possibly go wrong?The flames between Garrett and Avery are instantaneous and impossible to resist after a fortuitous meeting aboard the ship. What begins as a lighthearted holiday romance quickly develops into something more. The two go on a voyage of discovery and romance, but when Avery becomes a murder target due to a dangerous circumstance, Garrett and his squad will stop at nothing to save and return the woman he loves.

It is a very enjoyable, addictive, and creditworthy start to a new paranormal series in which Alpha Vamps in the form of virus want to possess, protect, impregnate, and cherish their mates, but the Jordan wants the same thing, and it appears that a bitter fight to the death involving other paranormal is in the works.The feisty vs. the dominating, good against evil, and good vs evil make for an engaging listen and a terrific start to a fresh new series in Book 15 of the Dark Protectors series.

About the Writer:

Rebecca Zanetti is a New York Times, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author who has written over fifty novels that have been translated into numerous languages and sold millions of copies across the world.
Her works have been featured in Entertainment Weekly, Woman’s World, and Women’s Day magazines, and have garnered starred ratings from Publishers Weekly and RT Reviewer Choice awards.

Her works have also been featured in Amazon’s best-of-the-year lists and have received positive reviews in the Washington Post and the New York Times Book Reviews.
All in the name of study, Rebecca has rode in a locked Chevy trunk, persuaded the poor delivery boy to free her from a pair of shackles, and identified the greatest silver mine shafts in which to bury a body…

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