Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin

Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin: The novel Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin is digging the destruction made by the two bombs that were dropped on the two major center of culture and civilization in Japan. The novel Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin gives back the plan that was made to counter the attack on the twin cities. the novels by W.E.B. Griffin are full of action, thrill and suspense. These novels never let the readers come out of the trance of the powerful plot and life like characters and situations.

The author is gifted with special kind of craftsmanship and skill to tackle the different sensations and thrills found in the day to day life of even the common man. Never ever any reader who has the taste to appreciate the true literary charms and fascination would get bored while reading the novels thought and trimmed by W.E.B. Griffin. Semper Fi is one of the very best from the mighty and schema of W.E.B. Griffin.

Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin

The Japanese Carrier Task Force launched the attack on Pearl Harbor from 300 miles to the north. The attack began at 0755 hours, with the rest of the troops following suit. The assault was a success. The majority of the US Pacific Fleet was destroyed, and the US entered World War II. Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin is very interesting book.

As the winds of war blew into the deadly surprise assault on Pearl Harbor, the Corps was America’s first line of defense from Shanghai to Wake Island. Now, this daring and gallant group of men prepares for combat, ready to give the ultimate sacrifice…

W.E.B. Griffin’s Semper Fi is the first in a series of works about the Marine Corps. The Preface sets the stage for events in China, beginning with the Boxer Rebellion in the early 1900s. The situation is solved by the Protocol of 1901, which allows foreign nations to station soldiers in China. This means that American forces are stationed in Shanghai, Peking, and other locations.

The Yangtze River is patrolled by navy gunboats.By 1941, the battle lines for World War II in China had been determined. The Japanese seize Russian assets and are adamant about expelling foreigners from China. The novel takes place before the United States enters World War II, as it is the first in the series. Many of the characters that will feature in following volumes in the series are introduced in this book.

Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin

At Quantico, Macklin causes additional issues for McCoy, almost getting him kicked out of the Platoon Leader’s Course, but both McCoy and Pick Pickering graduate and move on to new duties. For admirers of W.E.B. Griffin, Semper Fi is a “must” read. It establishes the tone for the other volumes in The Corps series.
The book is short and simple to read, and it is well worth the time of the reader.

Semper Fi W.E.B. Griffin

Ken McCoy is the primary character of Semper Fi. As the story begins, he is a China Marine stationed in Shanghai. When four Italian Marines assault him, he murders two of them. The allegations against him are dismissed, and Captain Banning is appointed to defend him. They plan to send McCoy on a convoy to Peking to get him out of Shanghai for a bit. Lieutenant John Macklin is on the lookout for intelligence on the Japanese, and Banning tells McCoy he’s merely along for the ride.

Semper Fi by W.E.B. Griffin

Macklin has discovered nothing and has been apprehended by the Japanese as the convoy returns to Shanghai. By visiting a brothel, McCoy was able to learn a great lot about Japanese military movements. The Italians throw a Welcome Home, Killer McCoy celebration when they discover that McCoy has returned to Shanghai. This is how McCoy earned the moniker Killer.

Banning is impressed with McCoy and assigns him to another convoy mission where he will be able to photograph the situation. The images impress the Marine brass, so Captain Ed Sessions is dispatched to discover more. With Reverend and Mrs. Feller, Sessions pretends as a missionary. There occurs an event that results in the deaths of eighteen coolies. McCoy is then sent back to the United States. Macklin is found fabricating reports in order to blame McCoy and Sessions for being apprehended by the Japanese. Macklin is deported back to the United States after Banning prepares a poor efficiency report for him.

No one captures the drama of war as brilliantly as bestselling author W.E.B. Griffin. The Corps is his multi-volume portrait of the Marine Corps, the brave men and women who fought, loved and died in the sweeping turmoil of WW II.

About the Writer:

W. E. B. Griffin is one of William E. Butterworth III’s eight aliases. He was born on November 10, 1929, in Newark, New Jersey. In 1946, he enrolled as a soldier in the United States Army and attended Fort Holabird for counterintelligence training. After serving on the staff of Commander of the US Constabulary, Major General I.D. White, in the Army of Occupation in Germany, Butterworth left the army in 1947, but rejoined and served with White again in Korea from 1951 to 1953. Butterworth remained in Korea as a war journalist after quitting the military for the second time. He was eventually promoted to chief of the Signal Aviation Test and Support Activity’s publications section at the Army Aviation Center in Fort Rucker, Alabama.

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