Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline: Eternal is the among the bestsellers novel. It is about the suspense, thrill and the mysterious happenings. The nature of the fascists is revealed in the novel and the reaction of the local people is described wonderfully. The conditions are becoming from worse to worst and atmosphere of oppression and suppression is present in the whole of the novel. Wonderfully tackled with the harsh political realities, the author has summed up all the necessary skill of authorship and writing can be traced in each and every line of the novel, Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline.

Bennie Rosato, the founder of the Rosato & DiNunzio legal company, has a large heart that she hides under her tough-as-nails appearance, and she hates to fail. In Lisa Scottoline’s New York Times bestseller, Corrupted, a case from her past tells her how things may have gone differently.Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline is very thrilling novel.

Bennie Rosato faced Jason Lefkavick, a twelve-year-old child who had been transferred to a juvenile prison institution after confronting a class bully, thirteen years earlier. Bennie was unable to release Jason, and the case continues to plague her. Jason spent his childhood and adolescence in and out of juvenile detention centers, and adulthood hasn’t been any easier.

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

When Jason is prosecuted for murdering the same bully he battled as a boy, Bennie has no choice but to represent him. She isn’t sure whether to trust his claims of innocence, but she is certain that she owes him for previous failures—of the law, the juvenile justice system, and herself. Bennie will do everything she can to find the truth and justice after being forced to relive the saddest moment of her life.

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Sixteen years after two boys’ childhoods were cut short by a Kids-for-Cash racket, Philadelphia lawyer Bennie Rosato is called to defend one of them on a charge of killing the other. It’s essentially a kid brawl, but the court sentences both Jason Lefkavick and Richie Grusini to 90 days in a juvie jail, with the latter getting off with 60 days since his uncle, Declan Mitchell, was a state trooper. Bennie walks out to Mountaintop, Pennsylvania, in response to Jason’s father, Matthew’s pleadings, in the hopes of rescuing Jason, who hasn’t been adequately told of his right to counsel.

Bennie falls for Declan during her research, and their affair gets her dismissed just as her legal maneuvering would have brought fruit—and spared dozens of additional young victims whose families won’t learn for years that the judge has a financial stake in the jail he’s maintained packed to the brim. Fast forward to the present, when Jason is discovered clutching a bloodied knife a few steps from from Richie, whose throat has been sliced in an alley minutes after the two old foes had a well-publicized brawl in a Philadelphia bar.

Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline

Bennie, who has been sure all along that her relationship with Declan resulted in Jason being thrown to the wolves, is certain that she must defend him, even if he refuses to join her self-defense plan as her cross-examination rips holes in the evidence of witness after witness. Then, just as things appeared to be going up for Jason, Bennie is hit with a bombshell that makes things look much worse.Corrupted by Lisa Scottoline is based on thrill and fiction.

The finale, reasonable but horribly under prepared, is a big disappointment, as it is so frequently with Rosato & DiNunzio (Betrayed, 2014, etc.). Fans who are hoping to see Bennie’s courtroom prowess will be unconcerned.

About the Writer:

Lisa Scottoline is the author of 30 books, including the forthcoming AFTER ANNA, which is a New York Times bestseller and Edgar Award-winning thriller. She also co-writes a weekly piece for the Philadelphia Inquirer with her daughter Francesca Serritella called “Chick Wit,” which is a funny and amusing look at life from a woman’s viewpoint.

These and other previously unpublished stories have been compiled in a New York Times bestseller series of funny memoirs, the most current of which being I Need A Lifeguard Everywhere But The Pool. Lisa writes reviews for The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer, and her work has appeared in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, and The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Lisa was the President of Mystery Writers of America for a while. Lisa earned a B.A. in English from the University of Pennsylvania in three years, with a specialty in Contemporary American Fiction, which she studied under Philip Roth and others.

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