Black Ice by Brad Thor

Black Ice by Brad Thor: Black Ice by Brad Thor is all about the crime and the role of the law enforcement agencies to control the crimes in the city.The nature of the crimes is different in different events and and the behavior of the criminals is not such as can be anticipated.These people are very skilled and well planner. They are nor caught and traced easily. Someone has to be very diligent and vigilant to cope with the criminals’ activities.Black Ice by Brad Thor is all about new dimension in the sea and ice capped sea.

it is not easy job but the most difficult and uphill task.The novel deals with the crimes and the criminals that are there to disrupt the peace and calm of the society. The suspense and thrill is kept till the last line of the novel and the readers would never lose their interest and concentration until the last line is reached and the climax is resolved.Black Ice by Brad Thor is very amazing novel.

A Brad Thor novel is always a breath of fresh air.The literary world was left with a gaping hole of political thriller writers with a conservative perspective after Tom Clancy’s death in 2013.Thor has done a fantastic job of picking up the gauntlet and filling this hole.His Scot Harvath series continues to make an impact, with ideas and situations that are perfectly suited to the current political turbulence. BLACK ICE finds a lot more mellow version of the Scot Harvath we’ve learned to love over the years, at least at first.

He’s had to deal with a lot of upheaval, both in the political atmosphere, which has changed his function as a special agent, and in his organisation, the Carlton Group, with the loss of his friend and mentor. Fans of the show are also aware that Harvath is a former Navy Seal and ex-Secret Service member with a unique mix of skills that has landed him jobs that few others could handle. Let’s start with the title of the book and its significance throughout the plot.

Black Ice by Brad Thor

The rapidly disappearing sea ice in Arctic waterways, known as the Blue Arctic, will present new chances and difficulties for world powers seeking to exploit the region, particularly the US, Russia, and China. Because the United States’ current value system is so dissimilar from those of those other countries, it will be critical to prevent them from leveraging natural resources to usurp power. Harvath is in a chopper with two other men set to crash in the same Arctic territory at the start of BLACK ICE.

We’ll get a closer look at these events later in the book —- it’s one of the best action sequences I’ve seen in a long time —- but first, let’s go back 72 hours to set the scene. Harvath is spending his summer in Oslo, Norway, with Slvi, his real love. His life has improved dramatically since he left his old area of work. That is, until he sees a ghost, a man he killed years previously, emerge in front of his eyes. In a battle against time and the combined efforts of China and Russia, America’s top spy is soon summoned back into action.

Black Ice by Brad Thor

He is briefed on the plans that those countries are hatching, which include control of the Arctic Shelf and the threat of nuclear power in the region.China is considered as the greatest threat here, especially since the “ghost” Harvath saw earlier was Colonel Jiang Shi of the People’s Liberation Army, an extremely terrible guy with a lot of authority who Harvath claimed had been removed from the political chessboard. The race to get icebreaker ships into the Arctic has begun, and it appears that the United States is falling behind.

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In cases like this, Harvath appears to operate on autopilot, an intelligent killing machine eager to go to any length to complete his mission. He has a devoted group of coworkers who have been by him throughout his super espionage career, and it’s fantastic to see the old crew back again. China’s purpose in the “Black Ice” operation is to sabotage radar technology, and Harvath may be the only person standing in their way. BLACK ICE is a slow-burning thriller that spends a lot of time establishing the characters and their roles in this political game.

However, once the final third of the book gets going, we get to witness Brad Thor at his best, with action sequences that will both chill and take readers’ breath away. Scot Harvath is the hero we need to keep our security and safety in the face of so much opposition from our political adversaries. Scot Harvath, a former Navy SEAL turned clandestine intelligence operative, has authored 20 spy novels in 20 years and sold more than 20 million books, all of which have been devoured by ardent fans of his fast-paced series.

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When his latest book in the series, Black Ice, was released this summer, it immediately went to No. 1 on The New York Times best-seller list.Thor, 52, is a stickler for realism who’s turned into something of an intelligence and counterterrorism expert. He’s gone all over the world to research his works; in 2008, he even followed a black ops team in Afghanistan for background on his eighth book, The Apostle. Thor was also recruited to work with the Department of Homeland Security’s “Red Cell Program,” where he and other creative minds come up with terrorism scenarios for US intelligence officials to help them foresee potential threats, according to him.

Harvath is spending a lovely summer in Norway with his lover when he spots a man he killed years ago — or believed he killed — stepping out of a cab in Oslo in Black Ice, the 20th book in the series.Our hero is pursued all the way to the Arctic Circle, where he finds himself in the middle of an international fight for control of the increasingly lucrative territory.

About the Writer:

BRAD THOR is the author of twenty-one New York Times bestselling thrillers, including BLACK ICE (on sale now), NEAR DARK (one of Suspense Magazine’s Best Books of the Year), BACKLASH (nominated for the Barry Award for Best Thriller of the Year), SPYMASTER (“One of the all-time best thriller novels” —The Washington Times), THE LAST PATRIOT (nominated Best Thriller of the Year by the International Thor.

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